Mentions légales

The Harmonica project is financed by public funds. Its results are to be made available to a large public but they are thus of a non-commercial character.

The authorised use of the data displayed through or obtained by use of the "Toots" program is aimed at informational and educational purposes only. These data can not be used for commercial purposes not for compliance checking with local or national regulations. In addition, this information is not aimed at replacing exisiting local noise data but at informing the general public under a common and easily understandable way.

For any use of data displayed through , the source should be mentioned.

Raw measurement data and data provided in initiatives sheets remain the property of the corresponding local authority, monitoring network or national institute which are also responsible for their data quality control.

The use of the "Toots" program to calculate the Harmonica index is subject to the prior acceptance of the terms of a licence which is available free of charge (see below in the section "To go further").

Editorial policy and content of the website

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