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By zooming or clicking on the icons on this map, you can see the Harmonica index results for various measurement sites in towns and regions that contribute to the NoiseInEU platform. You can see this information on an hourly basis or as an average for the daytime (6 am - 10 pm), at night (10 pm - 6 am) or for the entire day (24h). The interface also allows you to easily compare the results of the index between several sites and/or several periods.

If you, too, want to experiment with the Harmonica index in your area, or enrich the platform with data from your measurement sites, it's very easy! Go to the Use of the Harmonica Index section to find out how to do it.

Nota bene: Until the end of the Harmonica project (31/12/2014), the calculation of the index is in an experimental phase on Bruitparif's and Acoucité's measurement sites,which are in the Ile-de-France region and Lyons metropolitan area respectively, the demonstration areas for the Life environment programme's Harmonica project. The formula for calculating the index may be amended by the end of the project. We therefore, kindly ask you not to consider the results presented on the platform as definitive.